Paktor d.o.o. financial and business consulting

Every business decision includes reliable opportunities and risk assessment. Overestimation or underestimation of either may result in a business failure. This is even more significant in the turbulent business environment where it is necessary to continuously question your own position. Disregarding these circumstances may lead into business adventure and probably loss.
Having Hamlet attitude and being afraid of mistakes means stagnation and, in the end, failure. However, you may get the same result if you recklessly and blindly follow your dream idea.

We are experts with great business experience who are ready to help you assess your business idea and necessary solutions. We can also engage in the realisation of a certain phase of your project, especially those which refer to obtaining necessary financial means.

We are gladly going to respond to your invitation since we strongly believe that after you start working with us, you are going to become our permanent client.