We are specialized for the provision of accounting services to both physical and legal persons (companies, trades and non-profit organizations).

We pay special attention to each individual client and we try to arrange services program which is optimal for each client. We offer individual approach which suits the needs of every client in the certain business and development phase.

Our accounting department represents an independent unit of your business where we make records of your accounting and business.

Our services include keeping business books in accordance with Croatian legislation and requests of our clients.


Book of shares

Company’s Act (ZTD) defines the obligation and responsibility of the board in a limited liability company in relation to keeping a Book of Shares (Article 410, Item 1 of the Company’s Act) and Minutes of Members’ and Directors’ Decisions (Article 446 of the Company’s Act).
Company’s Act also defines public notary document as a basis for business share transfer and leaves a possibility for the members to define additional conditions and limitations in relation to the transfer and burdening of business shares in a separate special agreement.

Pursuant to your documentation,PAKTOR creates Book of Shares and Minutes of Members’ and Directors’ Decisions and keeps the documents and the afore stated registers in material and non-material form which are filed in the company if needed.

If the documents and registers require up-dating, the company delivers the documentation and accompanying data electronically to the head of accounting together with the request for the data changes and amendments in the registers. After the changes and amendments, the documentation is filed in the company again.


Shares register

Company’s Act from 1995 obliged joint stock company board to keep SHARE REGISTER as the only valid register which proves rights and obligations over the shares and ownership relations in the company. Later, new acts were brought and they define securities. Among other things, the term SHARES REGISTER is introduced which means the register of non-material securities. Furthermore, these acts define authorized legal person who is in charge of the state of the shares in the shareholders’ accounts (Central Depositary Agency, joint-stock company – SDA).

The regulations are coordinated in the amendments of the Company’s Act from 2003 and registered shares are entered into the company’s SHARE REGISTER. Shareholder in a company is the one who is entered into the Share Register. The state on the shareholder’s account is authoritative for non-material shares. The account with the company’s shares is managed by an authorized legal person. A great number of companies which needed to join Central Depositary Agency due to the legal requirements kept their own records as well – SHARES REGISTER.

Our project referring to Book of Shares went through all these changes so today we keep the SHARES REGISTER for all our clients with great attention and thoroughness.