Business counselling

Our experts from the business consulting department can provide you with their expert knowledge referring to finances, efficiency and regulations. They can add value to your organization by helping you control the expenses, optimize processes, maximize profitability and manage risks.


Tax counselling

Our tax experts continuously monitor all act amendments, changes in tax regulations, opinions of the Tax Administrations and rulebooks as well as their practical implementation in order to help you in creating more efficient tax strategy.

If you have any questions related to tax reliefs, tax control, complaints, tax return, income, special tax, income tax and other tax related questions, our experts are at your disposal.

Our business counselling services include services which refer to the income tax, profit tax, tax complaints and tax planning.


Financial counselling

Our offer includes counselling services during the evaluation of the investment value and instructions for acknowledging, decreasing or increasing the investment value. We also provide solutions to the companies which face various difficulties, from low efficiency and operative profit to the crisis which is characterized by serious cash issues and liquidity risks.


Financial restructuring

We develop detail financial models and projections in different future business scenarios and we identify areas and measures for operative expenses optimatization, treatment of non-operative property and other measures which are necessary for the monetary flow stabilization.
We present financial restructuring plan to the creditors and we negotiate reprogramming conditions and loan obligations refinancing.