Business plan development

If you are starting a new business project, expanding existing capacities or if you need financial means, we can offer business plan development which will certainly help you to understand current position of your business or to make a decision regarding new investment.


Development of the economic feasibility study

Economic feasibility study is an expanded version of a business plan which includes financial evaluation for the aforementioned and as such represents a basic document for the evaluation of a certain business activity. The study presents all relevant business plan elements as well as proves economic feasibility or rentability and profitability of the economic resources usage included in the project.

For our clients we can make an economic feasibility study which is to be developed in accordance with the professional regulations and which needs to provide objective and proper development and evaluation of all methodological rules and principles.


Investment study development

Quality investment study is a pre-condition for the application to any external financing source or investment activity, in most cases bank loan. Nevertheless, it provides businessman with the critical attitude towards stability and profitability of the investment project and prepares the businessman for future loan obligations.


Development of the investment study for the loans of the croatian bank for reconstruction and development

Financially favourable loans of the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) require investment study development, coordination with the special procedures and development of the documentation which is in accordance with their credit lines.

PAKTOR has positive results in obtaining funds through the entrepreneurship loan lines of the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development.