Company sales

In case you wish to sell your company, only minority or a part as a business whole, PAKTOR can help you in the overall sales procedure which includes preparation of the transaction process,business analysis and teaser development, information memorandum, signing confidentiality agreement, evaluation process, looking for and approaching strategic investors and negotiation in the sales procedure.

Our engagement on the project lasts until the whole process finishes or depending on the need. It involves transaction organizing and implementation with the competent state institutions and if needed, recording the aforementioned in the court register.


Company acquistion

If you want to expand your business through an acquisition of another company, PAKTORcan prepare all necessary documentation with the basic transaction elements (term sheet) and negotiate coordination of the aforementioned with the seller. In a later stage, PAKTOR can perform due diligence, financial and tax analysis and final evaluation of the value of a company or its part.

Our engagement on the project lasts until the end of the process or until it is needed. It includes transaction organization and implementation with the competent state institutions as well as registration in the court register. 


Squeeze out

For our clients we perform an overall squeeze out process which is foreseen and defined in the Article 300f of the Company’s Act as the right of a shareholder (with over 95% of shares) to ask the joint-stock company assembly to make a decision with which this shareholder overtakes the shares of minority shareholders in accordance with the previously defined fair value.

The implementation of the squeeze out process includes overall coordination with the Central Depositary and Clearing Agency during the share transfer from the minority to majority shareholder.