PAKTOR ltd.  – business and financial consulting is a company which specializes in:

•    Consulting services in the tax and business finances field
•    Business and ownership restructuring including M&A operations
•    Accounting and book keeping services
•    Mediation in the capital market.

PAKTOR was founded in 1997 under the name of Adut Invest as one of the companies owned by Ivan Lejo and DavorSlišković. After restructuring and adoption due to the changes in legal regulations and after consolidation, reorganization and ownership optimization procedures, companies Adut Holding, Fintrade and Novi Fintrade merged with this company as well. Some of these merged companies were founded in 1990 and presented pioneers in some activities within the field of business finances and capital market in Croatia. In this manner, we were able to gather huge knowledge and experience related to business counselling in the financial field. Thousands and thousands of counselling cases and cooperation on wide range of activities with the numerous different clients including some of the greatest Croatian companies resulted in an extremely rich experience. This certainly identifies PAKTOR as one of the most experienced consulting companies with an extensive referent list.

During their existence, PAKTOR and merged companies dedicated their attention to the continuous education and training of their employees as well as to creating a wide network of external associates – acknowledged professionals and specialists for certain areas and issues. This way, we have created an extremely big potential and we are ready and capable to deal even with the most complex issues in this field.