Project Counselling Team appoints project manager for every accepted project. The appointed project manager is in charge of:

-    Communication with the Client,
-    Managing project team,
-    High quality and dynamic project task execution.

Project manager informs the Project Counselling Team regarding the activities and proposals of the project solutions. The Project Counselling Team advises and directs project team activities.

Members of each project team are appointed among permanent PAKTOR employees and if needed among court experts and acknowledged experts in the associates network.

Principles of designing each project task:

•    To maximally satisfy client’s needs
•    To respect client’s short and long-term interests
•    Absolute and unquestionable legality of project solutions
•    Tax acceptability for the implementation of project solutions
•    Acceptable speed of project solution implementation
•    Preparedness to engage in the solution implementation process
•    Monitoring after solution implementation